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Combi Boilers

Diagrammatic representation of a typical combi boiler  heating and  hot water system as installed by Combi Boilers Dublin, Ireland. Also suitable for apartments. Eliminates the need for a hot water tank.
A combi boiler is the short name for a combination boiler. Your water heater is integrated into the central heating boiler system and housed in a single unit. It provides hot water as soon as the hot water tap is turned on. The Combi eliminates the need for a hot water tank in your hot press, thereby increasing the potential for increased space in your bathroom or bedroom.

High Efficiency: Combi boilers are highly efficient. You can save up to 50% on your bills by switching from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler.

Combi Boilers Ireland for extra energy savings and efficiency, Dublin, Ireland

John Oakes is a registered gas installer - Gas Combi Boilers, Dublin, Ireland
John Oakes is registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for installation of Gas Combi Boilers, Dublin, Ireland
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