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Combi-Boilers, Dublin

Ideal Combi Gas Boiler as installed by Combi Boilers, Dublin, Ireland
A boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home. It is important therefore that before deciding which boiler to choose, you should compare, in terms of quality and price, what is on offer from the various heating providers.

High Energy Efficiency Boilers

All boilers provided by us are High Efficient condensing boilers, are up to 30% more efficient than conventional boilers, achieve the maximum possible running efficiency and carry an 8 year guarantee.

Instant Hot Water with Energy Savings

Within the last few years there has been a big improvement in our mains water pressure and this has made possible for the installation of the combination boiler, a huge game changer in fuel saving. This boiler looks and behaves exactly as a conventional boiler but has a second heat exchanger built in. The Combi therefore, only heats the water you use, so no more tanks of the same water being heated repeatedly before its eventual use.
Changing to the Combi can save up to 50% on your gas bill and eliminate the need for the hot press!

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Combi Boilers Ireland for extra energy savings and efficiency, Dublin, Ireland

John Oakes is a registered gas installer - Gas Combi Boilers, Dublin, Ireland
John Oakes is registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for installation of Gas Combi Boilers, Dublin, Ireland
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